Saturday, August 1, 2009

deep in the digital woods

the summer of 09 is busy. time now to get cozy with saturn and edit the lumbering site into formal and svelte shape that doesn't get coughed out by www. many details, design finals in some ways harder to settle than the ever-present tech spiders that creep around pages of code. big learning curve, this stage of completing such a long project. after hours last night of no luck, found a tiny error that was wrecking my page. today i feel like an angel!

as i think about and try out alternative paths for viewers to search for lucia, i'm trying to see the overall structure. could this project be a web novel? it's certainly a fiction for the web, and it's big and thick like a novel. i wanted it to be this way, a slow-art web project that is hopefully worthy of a return. having loved novels since childhood, i think i'm making the novel that i always wanted to do. but this one is not in a book, at least not in this online version. it includes much color, many videos, sound, writing, animations, pictures, some appropriation; and it's interactive, with many choices available all the time. maybe it's an example of nicolas bourriaud's ideas around the altermodern.

this is the right format to search for lucia, a non-linear, hypertext state of mind having to do with light.

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