Sunday, July 31, 2011

art as carrot

the project is nearly finished. it has been worked in organic time--no race to a finish line. part of the making is simply to look at it, turn it over like a found seashell, see what it has to say to me. i tell students that artwork needs to be out in front of their ability to understand. i'm always trying to catch up with the things i make, to see what the artist has to say to the rest of me. art as carrot: keep going.

for years i've thought about the phrase "art is an act against nature." interventions into what's given allow greater consciousness, and art is simply the best intervention I can imagine. To create worlds that swing free of imposed "realities," to intervene in the operating systems of consciousness, is the most interesting of all for me. art, whether making or actively viewing, offers the wildest, least fettered, most desirable possibility. my use of computers extends this wildness; virtual simulation extends the possibilities of consciousness. consciousness is a field in which lucia can be found.