Saturday, May 30, 2009

philosophical lucia

lucia is an example of a romantic, neo-platonic mindset that is irrational but, for some, compelling.

the clearest articulation of what i call lucia comes from years of study and a residency of ten months at the nyingma tibetan buddhist institute in berkeley, california. it was here that i encountered the self as a sort of movie, a self as luminous and translucent as a computer screen. a self you can put your hand through, as through a light or sound or ghost.

lucia is not more about contemplation than action, but it does require connection to and respect for the diverse inner lives of all beings.
for this i am indebted to the community of the c. g. jung institute of san francisco, the teachings of c. g. jung, and the community of the department of arts & consciousness, john f. kennedy university, in berkeley, california, where i have taught for many years.

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