Saturday, May 30, 2009

lucia as evolutionary field

i usually think of lucia as a fictional reality that can seem more real, more conscious, and more beautiful than any other reality. paradoxically, it becomes available fully and consciously only when a sense of self within the everyday world has become stable.

maybe this state of mind is related to the work of jean baudrillard
who in the 1990s might have pointed toward lucia consciousness as a mediated [re]-presentation or copy of something. in the [re] is an absence or separation from the original, natural mind. after a time, the original is lost and the copy becomes accepted as the new REAL. in this sense lucia is related to lucifer and the time falling bodies take to light.

yes, this seems right. lucia is an energy or space or neurological fold whose creative possibilities allow alternative moves outside our more familiar patterns; change becomes possible in such a mutational field.
if lucia is derived from an archetypal human energy, then it presents in both "positive" and "negative" forms.

maybe, in fact, what i am calling lucia is a layer of the brain that is needed collectively and personally in liminal times of great transformation. it can be seen, in its breaking up of "the way things are," as an evolutionary appearance, which we can resist or accept gracefully or ecstatically. for me moments of lucia are interior, deeply quiet; if you saw me possessed by lucia, you would not know what a movie was playing behind my eyes, though you might be aware that i am following you at the same time as i am occupied by another unfolding stream. both can be present at the same time.

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